Bill Gates Backs This To EXPLODE

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I share with you 2 exciting undervalued uranium mining penny stocks Fission Uranium (FCUUF & FCU), & UEX Corp (UEXCF & UEX) which are going cheap and have a huge potential to drive the nuclear power requirements for clean energy.

Bill Gates is a big believer in nuclear power and his startup TerraPower is looking to build next generation nuclear power solution. But whilst it is yet to be publicly listed, there is one key mineral which is required by this nuclear energy sector tis Uranium and it is important because it provides the nuclear fuel used to generate electricity in nuclear power stations.

These two top uranium mining penny stocks are the hidden gems in the sector. UEX has the added advantage that one of its projects - West Bear is a Nickel - Cobalt deposit mining project, so huge opportunity to service the booming EV market as well and so doubles as an ev mining stock as well.

I share with you the catalysts to drive the huge upside growth for these uranium penny stocks which are cheap stocks to buy right now especially as they are undervalued relative to their peers. We have seen FCEL and GEVO stocks explode recently and UEXCF stock is just about to get into a similar bull ride putting it amongst the best penny stocks to buy now for the long term on the back nuclear energy boom and EV demand.

This penny stock is OTC traded and can be purchased on TD Ameritrade, E Trade, Charles Schwab or Fidelity.

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